31 March 2011

MIND SCIENCE OF THE MIND self titled 1996

Thank you Kerouac for this upload.



1 Infidels (When Your Hips Came Loose)
2 Skirts To Suffer On
3 Your Human Spine
4 Does It Rain In Your Womb
5 Science Of The Mind
6 Oceans Don't Need Us
7 Dutch Ghost Reclamation Of The City Of New York
8 To The Tender (Beauty Marks / Blisters)
9 Do You Rule?
10 Aiwass

HANDSOME self titled 1997

If you don't remember Handsome back in the 90's maybe you will remember Quicksand. Peter Mengede, former Helmet guitarist went on to form Handsome. Quicksand guitarist Tom Capone was recruited as well.

LIBIDO Killing Some Dead Time 1997

Norwegian alternative - excellent sounding band. Track one is upped to DivShare for your listening pleasure to check them out. And as always ready to download in the usual place. Thank you to Banius for this upload!

30 March 2011

STONEFACE Deep Fried 1995

By request
and thanks to Mark for the upload!

29 March 2011

GOLDEN SMOG Down by the Old Mainstream 1995



1 V
2 Ill Fated
3 Pecan Pie
4 Yesterday Cried
5 Glad & Sorry
6 Won't Be Coming Home
7 He's A Dick
8 Walk Where He Walked
9 Nowhere Bound
10 Friend
11 She Don't Have To See You
12 Red Headed Stepchild
13 Williamton Angel
14 Radio King


If you like shoegaze such as Ride, check this out.
I ripped it at 320kbps.


For fans of Brad.
I ripped this at 32okbps.

SMALL 23 Free T-Shirts for Spain 1994

Thanks again, Jenz!



1 Rhymes With Fame
2 Stereophone
3 Zoo Girl
4 Dump
5 Grey
6 Floor

360's Strawberry Stone 1994

Thank you Achilles for upping this!

28 March 2011

CLARISSA Blood and Commons 1997


Subgenius 7 inch 1996

Saver 7 inch 1993

Recline and Go EP 1995

Mephisto full length CD 1995

Get Go 7 inch 1995

Cudge 7 inch 1993

SNATCHES OF PINK Bent With Pray 1992

By request

SMALL 23 Chin Music 1994

Thanks Jenz for this upload!



1 Mona Skips Breakfast
2 Shaken Not Stirred
3 Weatherking
4 Tumble Dry
5 Pretty Side Down
6 Toastmaster
7 My Head Is Full Of Chocolate
8 Pet Rock
9 Coulde You Be On My Side
10 The Scenic Route
11 Start With The Victim

25 March 2011

23 March 2011

STARFISH Stellar Sonic Solutions 1995

Love this band! This is their first release. I'm surprised no one's uploaded this to a blog. I couldn't find Starfish anywhere!

MEDICINE The Mechanical Forces of Love 2003

Someone requested more Medicine and I found this CD in my stack. I'm not sure what Medicine was thinking when they recorded this record. Normally as you know I do not post anything past 2001 but as this was a request and I think it's important to check out this late release from the brilliant band Medicine, even if they were smoking catnip when they made this record.


22 March 2011

DRUNKEN BOAT See Ruby Falls 1992

By request



1 Pool 4:02
2 Day Long Day 3:59
3 Go Driving 3:57
4 Necktie 1:10
5 Shuffle 4:57
6 Yard 2:39
7 Low Rider 4:58
8 Dream Wagon 3:38
9 Balloon Song 3:18
10 Timidity 4:46
11 Flatland 9:15
12 A Gift 4:52

360's Supernatural 1992

By request

20 March 2011


The Outdoor Type (1994)

Impractical Joke (1993)

Thanks to Jenz for these ups!

EXPANDING MAN Head to the Ground 1996

By request

19 March 2011

CAMPFIRE GIRLS Mood Enhancer EP 1995

By request and thanks to Mark for this upload!

VULGAR BOATMEN You and Your Sister 1989

By request

18 March 2011

THE ROSEMARYS self titled 1994

Found this today at a thrift store. For some odd reason, college radio alternative music CDs are in short supply at thrift stores at least in these parts.

16 March 2011

LOOSEGOATS Country Crock EP 1996

Thanks to Jenz for some rare Loosegoats.


1. Country Crock

2. It's So K

3. Ten Speed

4. Stop Dop-in Inn

5. Broken Babe

ATOMIC 61 Purity of Essence 1995

By request

JOHN TRUDELL Johnny Damas and Me 1994

By request

John Trudell (born February 15, 1946) is a Native American author, poet, actor, musician, and former political activist. He was the chairman of the American Indian Movement for most of the 1970s and the spokesperson for the takeover of Alcatraz. He also ran a pirate radio station on Alcatraz called Radio Free Alcatraz. Trudell later became a member of the American Indian Movement.


By request

14 March 2011

LOOSEGOATS Small Lesbian Baseball Players and Mule Habit EP

Small Lesbian Baseball Players (1995)

Mule Habit EP (1996)

Uploaded by I Hate the 90s contributor Jenz. I really love these guys! Thanks so much for the ups.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Origin Lund, Skåne, Sweden
Genres Rock
Years active 1994 – 2001
Labels Startracks
Bad Taste Records

Loosegoats was a Swedish lo-fi rock group formed in 1994 by Christian Kjellvander, Johan Hansson, Jens Löwius and Mårten Löfvander. They released their first mini CD, Small Lesbian Baseball Players, in May 1995. Shortly thereafter Mårten left and got replaced by Anders Tingsek. [1]

In 1996 Jens left the band. They replaced him with Magnus Melliander, who was first hired as a live-musician but quickly became a full time member. [2] The band released their debut album, For Sale by Owner the same year with that lineup.

The group disbanded in 2001.

INCREDIBLE FORCE OF JUNIOR Let the World Fall Apart 1996

By request

SKIPLOADER Anxious, Restless 1994

By request

Reupped December 2012



All Smiles




09 March 2011

PET LAMB Sweaty Handshake 1994

Someone kindly uploaded this for me but their name escapes me so apologies!


Artist Biography

Formed in Dublin in 1991, Pet Lamb comprised Dylan Phillips (guitar, vocals), Brian Mooney (guitar, vocals), Kevin Talbot (bass) and James Lillis (drums). Influenced by the hardcore assault of the Butthole Surfers and Jesus Lizard, with the songwriting shared between Phillips and Mooney, they admitted to their central inspiration being ‘a mixture of lust, beer, frustration and boredom’. The band was first adopted by small independent imprint Blunt, a liaison that produced two EPs, and brought about support slots to the musically sympathetic Therapy?, NoMeansNo, Babes In Toyland and others. After a session for the John Peel programme, Roadrunner Records snapped up the band, packing them off to Dublin’s Sonic Studios to record their debut for the label, ‘Black Mask’. In its wake came a debut album, Sweaty Handshake, propelled by songs such as the defiant ‘Insult To Injury’ and self-loathing ‘Fun With Maggots’. The band was subsequently dropped by Roadrunner, returning to independent label status for 1998’s Tenderness.


1 Never Rest Again 4:39
2 Asshole Agony Aunt 3:42
3 All Time Low 2:49
4 Little Meaner 4:33
5 Where Did Your Plans Go 4:10
6 Black Mask 4:26
7 Insult To Injury 4:08
8 I Got Played 3:50
9 Fun With Maggots 3:28
10 Suck The Grain 4:46
11 Drop It 2:17
12 The Bastard 5:22

PILE UP Norwalk 1994

My own personal request as I used to have the CD.
Thanks Buddha Boy for uploading this.

YOUR MAJESTY Jive Shucker 1994

Thanks to Jenz for this obscure one!

NYMPHS A Practical Guide to Astral Projection 1992

By request and many thanks go out to Jenz for this upload.


1 Imitating Angels (LP Version) 4:29
2 Alright! (Demo Version) 4:30
3 Cum 'N' Get It! (Previously Unreleased) 3:57
4 Wasting My Days (LP Version) 4:04
5 The Highway (Demo Version) 5:06

DHARMA BUMS Welcome 1992

Here's another popular request. Enjoy!


By request and thanks to Jenz for this upload

BOBSLED Darlahood 1996

By request and thanks to Buddha Boy for this upload

ZOOBOMBS Bomb Freak Express 1999

Band from Japan - check out this video!

03 March 2011

HARMONY ROCKETS Paralyzed Mind of the Archangel Void 1998

Thanks to my dear contributor Jenz for this up!
I read on Wikipedia that Harmony Rockets was a side project of Mercury Rev, who I was very lucky to see at Sluggo's in the late 90's.