30 November 2010

KOREA GIRL self titled 1999

By request for Az

This isn't a release I'd expect from Asian Man Records who used to specialize in ska releases. Korea Girl evokes a toned down duo with relaxing vocal styles, jangling, poppy guitars rounded out by a nice indie sound.

29 November 2010

TRIPL3FASTACTION Broadcaster 1996

By request


1 Aerosmith 3:08
2 Anna (Get Your Gun) 3:23
3 Revved Up 4:11
4 Bird Again 2:27
5 超級巨星 1:38
6 Don't Tell 5:36
7 American City World 3:38
8 Cheery 3:39
9 Rest My Head 4:59
10 Never Ever Care 3:21
11 Sally Tree 2:59
12 Paris 4:56
13 Superstar 9:59

GAMEFACE Every Last Time 1999

Stole this out of Chris' living room last night. Thanks Chris!


1 The Pirate Song 3:43
2 Sweet Wreck 1:44
3 My Star 2:47
4 What I Learned In School 2:30
5 Shock Tester 3:28
6 Mean 2:23
7 The Easy Way 3:04
8 If You Want My Advice 2:50
9 Last Of The Good Guys 2:23
10 Boy Wonder 1:54
11 Hey Radio 3:12
12 Everything I Do Is Wrong 2:23
13 The Difference Between Flying And Falling 2:20
14 Mercury Dimes 4:49

WESTON Splitsville 1995

FASTBACKS The Day That Didn't Exist 1999

Fastbacks formed way back in 1979!

۵Just for you. Because I can. ۵

28 November 2010

MAXIWAGON Calls in Sick 1996

Debuting in their native San Francisco, Maxiwagon quickly established themselves in the surrounding indie pop environment. With their fuse of jumpy, punk guitar riffs backed by a flow of bouncy indie pop, the lineup of Dave Bergman (vocals/guitar), Janna (bass), and Frank (drums) eventually caught the attention of Omnibus Records in 1999. That same year, Maxiwagon eventually released their first album, Call in Sick.

THE HIGH Somewhere Soon 1990

If you dig Trash Can Sinatras, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets and other Manchester sound bands, you'll like this!

ROLLERSKATE SKINNY Horsedrawn Wishes 1996

One for that rainy-day, difficult-but-rewarding pile. This Dublin trio whips up dense stormclouds of guitar and electronic "orchestration" which singer Ken Griffin seeds with evocative streams of lyric fragments. --Jeff Bateman

27 November 2010

MAZEY FADE Secret Watchers Built the World 1994

From LastFM
Liverpool power trio who made an extraordinary racket for a couple of years back in the early nineties. John Peel famously nominated them for a Mercury Music prize in ‘93 and the band broke up in shock. Not for the faint hearted.

By request

Thanks to Erik for this upload!

25 November 2010


If you want more New Bad Things, head on over to The Blackened Air . He's got two more releases I don't have posted here. Don't forget to leave a comment and tell him thanks for posting.

More stuff from New Bad Things thanks to Shane!

aMINIATURE Murk Time Cruiser 1995

By request
(Someone uploaded this for me but I cannot remember who it was - so apologies and let me know who you were so I can give you props!)

24 November 2010

LAMB self titled 1996

No one requested this but I've not heard this in years, plus I love the cover artwork on this.


1 Lusty 4:09
2 God Bless 5:54
3 Cotton Wool 5:07
4 Trans Fatty Acid 7:37
5 Zero 5:31
6 Merge 5:44
7 Gold 5:40
8 Closer 3:57
9 Górecki 6:30
10.1 Feela 6:44
10.2 Cotton Wool (Fila Brazilia Mix) 8:25

SOLEX Pick Up 1999

Mix a little Monsieur Blumenberg with Butter 08 and Beck, and you've created Solex. I do not know how I missed this band the first time. Amazing!

EVERGREEN self titled 1996

Featured the drummer from Slint, Louisville, Kentucky locals and not to be confused with a California band of the same name.


1 Fairlane
2 Petting The Beast
3 Solar Song
4 Whip Cream Bottle
5 Plastic Bag
6 Klark Kent
7 Sweet Jane
8 Glass Highway
9 Zoom Zoom
10 New York City
11 Coyote

20 November 2010

NEW BAD THINGS Freewheel! 1995

David A. uploads another great band, New Bad Things for you all to check out. When I first heard this, it reminded me a lot of Number One Cup. And I fucking love this! Here's David's review:
The New Bad Things were a Portland band have a sloppy, poppy, lo-fi sound. Released on Candy-Ass records in 1992, this album was their first. They released three more albums on the UK Lissy label, Pop Secret, and a collection of “C-Sides” for Blackbean and Placenta in 1999 before changing their name to “No Bad Things” around 2000.

LUNA Slide EP 1993

By request

SALT Bluster EP 1995

By request

FROGPOND Count to Ten 1996

1997 brought Frogpond to Pensacola where they packed Sluggo's so tightly we were all smashed against each other. They rocked the fucking place so much everyone was jumping up and down. The next day my neck and legs were so sore from dancing in my combat boots but it was all worth it.

UNCLE WIGGLY There Was an Elk 1992

By request

THRONEBERRY Squinting Before the Dazzle 1998

by request


1 Squinting Before The Dazzle
2 Summerschool
3 Let's Hear It For Decay
4 Guerrilla Skies
5 Shepherds Song
6 Stolen
7 Down At The Foundry
8 Shut Up
9 Isn't It A Pity
10 Quinnipiac
11 See Me Off

18 November 2010

WEIRD PAUL Lo Fidelity High Anxiety 1991

David A. was kind enough to share this with us. Here's what he wrote about Weird Paul: "Released in 1991 on Long Island’s now defunct Homestead Records, the album’s standout track is the prolixly titled “Scott Baio Was Seen at the (Legendary) Pink Dot Convenience Store Buying 12 Cans of Tuna and a Carton of Cigarettes”. I think your fans will enjoy it."

I do for sure. Weird Paul makes me smile.

16 November 2010

LIARS INC Superjaded 1999

By request

FOSSIL Crumb EP 1994

By request


1 Moon 3:33
2 Tim 2:40
3 Grasping 2:51
4 Purient Bess 5:14

SMALL BALL PAUL You In Flames 1993

13 November 2010

DEVILHEAD Your Ice Cream's Dirty 1994

By request and thanks to Lokki for this

BOYRACER In Full Color 1996

Thanks to David A. for this upload!

09 November 2010


Hank 1996

Thriller 1997

GOLDEN SMOG On Golden Smog EP 1996

FREEDY JOHNSTON This Perfect World 1994



1 Bad Reputation 4:08
2 Evie's Tears 3:01
3 Can't Sink This Town 3:52
4 This Perfect World 4:35
5 Cold Again 2:37
6 Two Lovers Stop 2:46
7 Across The Avenue 3:29
8 Gone Like The Water 2:44
9 Delores 3:43
10 Evie's Garden 2:54
11 Disappointed Man 3:15
12 I Can Hear The Laughs 3:10

PUSHERMAN Floored 1996

By request

08 November 2010

PURE Feverish 1998

By request
Thanks to Matthew B. for this!

07 November 2010

STOMPBOX Stress 1994



1 No Woods 3:00
2 The Making Of Pump 3:35
3 Now, What's It Worth 3:58
4 Chevy S-10 4:33
5 Forever (In Blue Jeans) 2:28
6 Saltpeterexitwound 5:10
7 Esoteric Song 3:21
8 Fool For The City 4:50
9 Jake Song 3:07
10 Screwing In America 4:01
11 Workin' For Sony 4:38
12 Carry On My Wayward Son 4:30

CONSOLIDATED Business of Punishment 1994

Consolidated were notable for including in each of their live performances a period of time in which microphones were passed among audience members, who could then discuss, rebut, argue or elaborate upon the topics of Consolidated's songs. Consolidated devised these interactions as a way to subvert the typically passive experience of watching a band perform, empowering the audience members to respond and articulate their own opinions on issues addressed in the song lyrics or even the nature of the performance itself. Consolidated recorded many of these interactions and sampled excerpts of them to be included on their albums. In some cases, these samples were arranged and featured as short interludes between songs, while in other cases they were worked into the sonic collages of the songs themselves (e.g., "Crusading Rap Guys" on the 1991 LP Friendly Fa$cism.)

04 November 2010

SHINER Splay 1996 Making Love EP 1998

Making Love EP


01 November 2010

MIND BOMB self titled 1993

By request


self titled

In a Perfect World

My friend Stu saw them play at Sluggo's and the vocalist was having mic problems and started throwing a shitfit over it. Not impressive. But the music is very much in the vein of Touch & Go or Am Rep bands. Check it out. The records are tantrum free.


 self titled


1 Mine Eyes
2 Snakes
3 Biter
4 Dogs
5 Home
6 Why See Straight
7 Scorched
8 Behind The Wall
9 He
10 Reminder
11 Don't Cry

In A Perfect World


1 Jack Frost 3:40
2 Remembered 3:25
3 Nausea 3:23
4 Absolution 3:55
5 Bloodugly 2:45
6 Terrain Vague 6:23
7 Invisible Me 3:49
8 Timebomb 2:48
9 Sleepwalker 2:58
10 Future Tense 2:41
11 Vertical Drive 7:38