28 February 2010

TREEPEOPLE Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment 1991


Whenever You're Ready 1993

Fall of the Mopsqueezer! 1993

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Electric Bird Digest 1993

SCREAMING TREES Sweet Oblivion 1992

SUB POP 100 1986

5,000 copies pressed
  1. "Spoken Word Intro Thing" - Steve Albini (0:50)
  2. "Greatest Gift" - Scratch Acid (2:03)
  3. "Nothin' to Prove" (Live) - Wipers (2:07)
  4. "Kill Yr Idols" - Sonic Youth (2:47)
  5. "Bananacuda" - Naked Raygun (1:41)
  6. "Gila" - U-Men (2:16)
  7. "Smile on Your Face" - Dangerous Birds (2:55)
  8. "Church in Hell" - Skinny Puppy (3:12)
  9. "Go at Full Throttle" - Steve Fisk (2:29)
  10. "Itsbeena" - Lupe Diaz (1:14)
  11. "Impact Test" - Boy Dirt Car (1:22)
  12. "Real Men" - Savage Republic (3:12)
  13. "One Day of the Factory" - Shonen Knife (3:55)
  14. "Barry White Ending" (0:22)


self titled 1989
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.. 1991

Reupped November 2012

27 February 2010

ZIPGUN 8 Track Player 1994

NYMPHS Nymphs 1991


1 Just One Happy Day 2:58
2 Cold 2:20
3 2 Cats 2:54
4 Imitating Angels 4:24
5 Wasting My Days 4:00
6 Heaven 3:35
7 Supersonic 3:22
8 Sad And Damned 2:58
9 Death Of A Scenester 4:03
10 The River 3:38
11 Revolt 2:00
12 The Highway 5:35

SUGARTOOTH Sugartooth 1994

STICK Heavy Bag 1993



1 Grind 4:02
2 No Groovy 4:14
3 Stoning 5:15
4 Disposable 4:29
5 Fuel 4:57
6 Zero 5:11
7 Conditional 4:31
8 Taught To Lose 5:15

PEGBOY Strong Reaction 1992

Includes Three Chord Monte release

MUZZA CHUNKA Fishy Pants 1993

LUCY'S FUR COAT Jaundice 1994

GRAVEL Break A Bone 1992

CHERUBS Heroin Man 1994

CALVIN KRIME Dress For The Future 1997

Calvin Krime was a Minneapolis noise rock band formed by Sean Tillman, Jon Kelson and Jason Ralph.
After three EPs and two full-length LPs released by the Amphetamine Reptile label, the band disbanded in 1998.

FLOWERHEAD People's Fuzz 1995

1. Words to You
2. No Meaning
3. Arise
4. Circles
5. Captain Cosmo's Carousel
6. Happy
7. Overdrive
8. Cows
9. Hold Me Up
10. Sky High
11. Trip Around the World

NUDESWIRL Nudeswirl 1993

HONCHO OVERLOAD Smiles Everyone 1993

1. Stun
2. Homunculus
3. Brain Bath
4. Gershwin
5. Sugarfoot
6. Oklahoma
7. Gorgeous
8. Wish
9. She
10. Wrist Rocket
11. Miserable

GRETA No Biting 1993

1. Is It What You Wanted (4:07)
2. School on Fire (2:49)
3. Off the Slug (3:24)
4. Jesus Crux (4:52)
5. Fathom (4:33)
6. Love Is Dead (3:17)
7. Revolver (3:48)
8. Nature (5:48)
9. Dirtbag (3:40)
10. Insomnia (1:46)
11. Sleepyhead (3:55)

24 February 2010

JALE So Wound 1996


Cherry Alive 1995

Blue EP 1993

Reupped January 2013

FAILURE Magnified 1994

22 February 2010

CATHERINE Sleepy EP 1993



Idiot 3:57
It's No Lie 3:21
Sleep 5:25
Insect Tree 3:51
Sleepy 12:05

BLINKER THE STAR Blinker The Star 1995

Thanks loads for the requests!

21 February 2010


Shetland Sessions EP 1996

Souvenir 1996

Thanks for the requests!
Here ya go!

CATHERINE Sorry! 1994

18 February 2010

DE LA SOUL 3 Feet High and Rising 1990

Limited Edition 2 CD reissue Tommy Boy 20th Anniversary Series plus 14 bonus tracks.

STEZO Crazy Noise 1989

Stezo started out as a back up dancer for EPMD on their Strictly Business tour back in 1988.

I want his silver pants!


Riddem Warfare 1998

Songs of a Dead Dreamer 1996

JUDGE NOTHING Riveter 1996



1 Suitcase
2 Make The Whole
3 No More Little Bit
4 Nashville
5 Old Houses
6 Score Uneven
7 No!
8 Monkey Mind
9 Your Place Or Mine
10 English 101
11 Nervous
12 Zyme
13 Closing
14 Go Home (Song For Retail Clerks)
15 No Matter What

16 February 2010


Top Loader 1993

Zsa Zsa EP 1992

Sorry, couldn't find any Sugarsmack vids but here's some beauty tips from RuPaul and Hope Nicholls before a drag show in Athens, GA

FETCHIN BONES Monster 1989

Used to be there was this band known as Fetchin' Bones in the 80's but then after this release they broke up. Hope Nicholls and Aaron Pitkin didn't give up on music; they went on to front Sugarsmack (according to Hope, there weren't many bands with the name Sugarsmack but then all of a sudden all these bands came along with "sugar" in the name and she said she wanted to change the band's name to Nutrasmack). Chris Chandek joined on guitar along with John Adamian on drums and Deanna Gonzalez added the acoustic and electric percussion. Deanna used to play with Atlanta's Dirt. Hope says she stole Deanna from them. Deanna agreed. Sugarsmack began touring the country and I met up with them for the first time here in Pensacola, interviewing them for my 'zine at the time. You see, that's how I got all of this inside information. I also discussed how Hope was quite a talented writer as a child, having penned such classics as Ann's Hair (which hung from her armpits) and Ted's Ten Foot Long Tongue.

Sugarsmack played Pensacola often and packed the house (Sluggo's house). I remember at one show Hope accidentally spit on my lip. She was singing and at a particularly intense moment, a little bitty spitball came out of her gobber and plopped right there on my lip. Those things happen when you stand right under the singer in the band. I took a sip of beer and her spitball travelled its way down to my stomach. It's still there today as we speak. Like Richard Gere and that damned gerbil.
I don't know if she'll find this blog and see Sugarsmack's Zsa Zsa and Top Loader being posted here and decided to stomp me in her thrift store Tinkerbell outfit, but I am willing to take the risk.


This is some kind of bootleg I found years ago in a crappy CD store in Mississippi. At the time I was looking through the store owner's box full of bootlegs, he was having a fight with his wife on the phone. Those were the days....The store has long closed. Not so sure about the wife situation though.

15 February 2010

WOOL Box Set 1994

Reupped November 2012

I'd like to say a big shame on you to all the people who didn't show up to see Wool play at the Nite Owl. Sorry they weren't Bad Brains enough for you. Pfffffft!