31 July 2010

HEADSWIM Despite Yourself 1997

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1 Tourniquet
2 Hype
3 Years On Me
4 Clinging To The Wreckage
5 Better Made
6 Wishing I Was Naïve
7 Old Angel Midnight
8 Holy Ghost
9 Burnt Out Shell Of Bliss
10 Devil In My Palm
11 Moving On
12 Brother

POSSUM DIXON self titled 1993

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30 July 2010

LOTION Full Isaac 1996

By request


1 Tear
2 Dr. Link
3 Paas
4 La Boost
5 Long
6 Pajamas
7 Around
8 Head
9 Dock Ellis
10 She Is Weird City
11 Love Theme From Santo Gold

29 July 2010

GIGOLO AUNTS Full On Bloom EP 1993

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HOG Nothing Sacred 1996

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27 July 2010


Mack Avenue Skullgame

Platinum Jive


While we listen to Big Chief and remember the good ol' days, let us not forget the side-splitting magazine, Motorbooty, that poked and prodded at the fumbling and fickle music industry of the 90's. If you never got to read a copy of Motorbooty, you still have a chance. Three issues are available from Mark Dancy's site, Illuminado. Dancy has left his mark in graphic arts and you will see his artwork gracing the covers of Big Chief releases as well as posters, stickers and comics and the cover of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger release.
If you happen to be a veteran of 90's college radio, hilarity will ensue as you read quips and inside jokes about bands, record labels and the dynamic music scene that gave us something to look forward to besides AOL and a 9600 baud modem.

24 July 2010


Found this Friday at a Goodwill thrift store. Never have seen a copy of this anywhere. It's a UK import "limited edition individually numbered digipak" CD. My copy says on the front of the digipak that the "...booklet includes the wit and wisdom of John Lydon." I suspect that few people didn't even care about a P.I.L. release that was numbered and limited edition when it was released almost 20 years ago. And I doubt most of you are hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for me to pound out some text of Lydon's quotes and thus will be spared his cynical twattery.

1. Cruel
2. Love Hope
3. Rise (live)
4. Home (live)


Miss Happiness

Bareback Ride

Miss Happiness


1 Miss Happiness 3:26
2 Chowdertown 3:02
3 Love You Better 3:56
4 Showers Down 4:09
5 Quiet Time 3:33
6 Pink Moon 3:16
7 Smoothing The Ride 3:10
8 Croton-Harmon (Local) 3:32
9 Twinkle & Shine 3:03
10 Factory 5:51

Bareback Ride


1 Subway 2:18
2 Shine 4:06
3 Zero Day 1:59
4 Disappear 2:49
5 Sunnymede 3:49
6 Frail 3:42
7 Turn 2:31
8 Fragile 3:02
9 What A Day 3:00
10 Tree In Orange 3:32



New Disease

By request and kindly given to I Hate The 90s blog by Mark. Thank you Mark!

17 July 2010

SUBURBAN RHYTHM self titled 1997

(This post is dedicated to T.J.)

Suburban Rhythm is a 17-song obituary for the band of the same name Suburban Rhythm. This compilation is their only CD release, which was produced three years after the band's breakup. It includes three tracks from the Hose demo, the missing song is "Matahari" which the band omitted for various reasons. Four songs from the Almost There 7" EP and nine unreleased songs which were from the aborted LP sessions. The Almost There tracks were taken from these sessions. Five tracks were recorded live at The Black Room in Santa Ana, California.

The artwork features numerous photos, and features liner notes by Tom Dumont guitarist for the band No Doubt. It is currently out of print, and can occasionally be found in bargain bins at record shops, at obscure ska concerts, or online with some effort. - Wikipedia

FRETBLANKET Home Truths from Abroad 1997

By request

DYNAMUTT Handbook for Young Scientists 1994

Can't find much about Dyn@mutt on the internets. I really liked this CD and played it a lot on my radio show, especially the song "Crunchtime." As far as I know this was their only full length release on Farrago Records, Houston, Texas. A vinyl compilation called Alles ist Gut! Mixed Fodder Volume One 7 inch EP featured Dyn@mutt, Lozenge, Buddha on the Moon and Tit was also pressed by Farrago Records which was apparently the label's first release.

ALIEN BOYS Nekropolis 1993

By request
and special thanks to FreakCOW who gave a link! All hail the great FreakCOW!

16 July 2010

SILKWORM Firewater 1996


1 Nerves 3:00
2 Drunk 3:05
3 Wet Firecracker 2:03
4 Slow Hands 5:26
5 Cannibal Cannibal 2:40
6 Tarnished Angel 5:07
7 Quicksand 3:10
8 Ticket Tulane 3:31
9 Swings 3:04
10 Severance Pay 3:10
11 The Lure Of Beauty 4:05
12 Miracle Mile 4:13
13 Drag The River 3:08
14 Killing My Ass 4:48
15 Caricature Of A Joke 3:19
16 Don't Make Plans This Friday 5:17

BO BUD GREENE Whatever 1995

Bo Bud Greene played many a show here and every show was as good as the last. Their first show was under the name Paint which they later changed to Bo Bud Greene. I'm going to try to see if I still have the Paint tapes available. BBG also released a few 7 inch records. I remember one of the last shows they played here, we all went out to their van parked on the street by the club and smoked a joint. And as I am bringing the joint to my lips, a cop car drives by. Perfect. Didn't harsh my mellow though. The show went on.
One of the guitarists, Sean Mullens, got to jam with Bob Mould too. Pretty cool.

WAX 13 Unlucky Numbers 1995

by request


1 Who Is Next 2:12
2 In Spite Of Me 2:08
3 Torn In Two 3:30
4 Stop Sign 2:05
5 California 2:15
6 Just A Visitor 2:17
7 Jiffy Boy 1:48
8 Settle Down 3:05
9 Too Well 2:03
10 Knot 1:55
11 Thirteen 0:07
12 Unlucky 0:08
13 Numbers 0:05

SHIPPING NEWS Save Everything 1997



1 Books On Trains 5:25
2 Steerage 10:53
3 The Photoelectric Effect 4:17
4 All By Electricity 4:28
5 At A Venture 3:57
6 A True Lover's Knot 10:11

NOISE ADDICT Meet The Real You 1996

15 July 2010

WESLEY WILLIS Greatest Hits Volume 2

I think it was about 1997 or so when Wesley Willis played at Sluggo's here in Pensacola. It was Halloween night. I remember seeing him at the bar falling asleep on the counter. I loved the show - hearing him scream "Fuck you!" and "Suck a caribou's ass!" The best moment of all was getting up onstage to get head butted by him. I also will never forget how when he bumped my forehead my teeth rattled from the impact and the next day my forehead was sore.
Sadly, Wesley died of leukemia in 2003. What I loved the most about Wesley was how honest he was with how he felt. Doesn't everyone want to say at least once, "You need to leave me alone with your war hell ride, punk!"
R.I.P. Wesley.

Here are the lyrics for They Kicked Me Out of Church

Once upon a time, I was cursing in Daniel's Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church
I called one of the deacons a motherfucker
Reverend Henry E. Miller preached about my vulgar language
He told the congregation in the sanctuary that I got a nasty filthy mouth

They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church

For the second time, I told the preacher to fuck off
I also told Reverend Henry E. Miller to suck a male camel's dick
He got so tired of my bullshit
He told one of the deacons to throw me out
He then escorted me to the door

They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church

When I went to church that same Sunday, I picked up a 2 x 4
I went up to the pulpit and clocked the preacher in the head
He fell to the floor unconscious
Suddenly, the police was called on me
I then ran out of the church with a grin on my face being chased after by the cops

They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church
They threw me out of church

CHAVEZ Ride The Fader 1996




LOVE 666 American Revolution 1995

HEAVY VEGETABLE The Amazing Undersea Adventures of Aqua Kitty and Friends 1994

GUMBALL Revolution on Ice 1994


1 Revolution On The Rocks 3:05
2 Free Grazin' 2:37
3 With A Little Rain 4:00
4 Nights On Fire 4:17
5 What'cha Gonna Do? 2:24
6 Breath Away 4:44
7 Gone To The Moon 3:32
8 It Ain't Nothin' 3:23
9 Read The News 3:00
10 The Boat Race 2:13
11 Trudge 5:53
12 She's As Beautiful As A Foot 3:03

SUPERNOVA Ages 3 and Up 1995