30 June 2010

GIGOLO AUNTS Learn to Play Guitar EP 1997

By request

I received several requests for this CD EP and got a nice email from a blog fan named Tigerz who kindly uploaded this for all of you to enjoy. Thanks Tigerz for the CD upload and your support!

THE VACANT LOT Shake Well 1995

By request


29 June 2010

THE COCTAILS Long Sound 1993

By request


1 Steam 4:33
2 China Song 3:01
3 Monkeys And Seals 5:00
4 Stray Horn 2:30
5 Tenement 5:59
6 Twilight For Henry 2:21
7 Waterlogged 3:58
8 Clown's Coffee 2:56
9 Far East 4:21
10 Gripper Bite 6:42

COBRA VERDE Vintage Crime EP 1995

By request

23 June 2010

AMMONIA Mint 400 1995

By request

22 June 2010

21 June 2010


By request

D GENERATION No Lunch 1996

By request


1 Scorch 1:17
2 She Stands There 2:19
3 Frankie 2:57
4 Capital Offender 2:42
5 No Way Out 4:00
6 Major 3:24
7 Disclaimer 2:59
8 Waiting For The Next Big Parade 3:22
9 Not Dreaming 2:25
10 Too Loose 3:34
11 1981 1:58
12 Degenerated 10:38

JENNYANYKIND Revelater 1996

By request


1 Repent In Time
2 Revelation In Practice Room #13
3 You Better Get Right With God
4 When The Sun Shines Down On The Average
5 Revelater
6 Sucker
7 The Great Deceiver
8 Cross Of Jesus
9 Day Of The Dead
10 All On His Own
11 Every Executioner Has A Song
12 Soul

THE DENTISTS Behind the Door I Keep the Universe 1994

SPRINKLER Peerless 1993

By request

20 June 2010


Actual Size 1999

Betty Pickup 1996

By request

19 June 2010

DIAMANDA GALAS The Sporting Life 1994


Insect God EP 1994

The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company 1993

By request

13 June 2010

DEVILHEAD Pest Control 1996

By request

TEDIO BOYS Go Country! 1997

Side A 1 Back from the Crypt
2 A Place in the Country
Side B I Love Country

In 1998 Tédio Boys, who hailed from Portugal, came to Pensacola. I was sitting in the little library at the club and one of the Tédio guys walks in and sits down. All of a sudden I spot a huge brown spider near him on the wall. I pointed it out to him and he jumped up and I proceeded to crush the spider with my combat boots (so punk rock, so 90's!). We left the spider's guts smashed on the green wall. Pretty gross.
Later on that night the guitarist took off his clothes and played naked. A naked Portuguese guy. Nice.

GIGOLO AUNTS Bloom/Ask 1994

Promo only

Side A Bloom
Side B Ask (originally by The Smiths)

SWOB Neutrinos 1993

Side A 1 El Bruto
2 Jaffna

Side B 1 King is King
2 Recoil

PELL MELL Bring on the China/Smoke 1991

Side A Bring on the China

Side B Smoke

SHONEN KNIFE Secret No. 712 1991

Side A Lazybone

Side B Blue Oyster Cult

09 June 2010

BIG CHIEF Strange Notes 7 inch 1992

Big Chief Strange Notes

Blue marbled vinyl

etched on one side


We show up right at the end of Big Chief's set at the Wherehouse on Garden St. Ricky goes spastic and tears Rommel's tee shirt of some band I can't remember. Rommel was not pleased.

RED DYE NO. 5 Fuzzbomb 7 inch March 1995

Red Dye No.5

2-song 7”
Head Phuck
b/w Pigeon
Silver Girl Records (SG-020)

Red vinyl

First pressing released 4/1/95, 600 red vinyl
Second pressing released 8/10/95, 200 on black vinyl

7 inch included Silver Girl catalogue insert and postcard

05 June 2010

TEEN ANGELS Daddy 1996

by request


1 Rawhead
2 Go Away
3 Tijuana Pavement Princess
4 Fire In The Hole
5 Jesus Is On My Side
6 Helmet Head
7 Sell Out
8 Explode
9 Teen Dream
10 Spread It Around
11 Can't Have It
12 Jack Shit

RUN ON Start Packing 1996

By request